Tensions in Venezuela are getting worse. A protester attacking an airbase perimeter was shot dead by the military police (English). Days later a helicopter attacked the Supreme Court and Interior Ministry. President Nicolas Maduro labeled it as a terrorist attack while protesters suggested it could have been staged (English).


Canada will bet on the Dominican Republic. Canadian ambassador Steve Coté pledged an increase in Canada's investment, especially in the Dominican Republic's Export and Investment Center (English). Previously, the ambassador led a visit by the Sunwing airline that showed an interest in investing.


The IMF suggested that Nicaraguan seniors should tighten their belts. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) advised Nicaragua to change its pension payment system which is suffocating the Nicaraguan Social Security Institute (Spanish). The suggestion is to end reduced pensions and substitute them for a non-contributory pension for 65-year-old people living in poverty.


The Bahamas will cut long waits for investors. The Bahamas government is planning to introduce a "Decision Timeline" to inform investors when they would receive a response (English). The Advanced Tracking System will also help identify the roadblocks in the system and monitor relevant agencies.



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