A fake enquiry for Las Cruces hydro-electric plant. The CFE intends to use the Kinto Sol association for simulating a consultation process with the indigenous communities that would be affected by construction of the Las Cruces hydro-electrical plant in Nayarit. This project will dam up the San Pedro Mezquital river (Spanish).

Radioactive materials lacking oversight. Mexico has experienced eight robberies of radioactive medical materials in the last two years, as radiological services are not too careful managing these substances.  One incident roughly every three months illustrates the lack of control over this type of potentially toxic materials (Spanish).

…and wells with radioactive water affect six states. The polluted wells have caused the death of three girls and two adults, according to a senator. The concentration of arsenic and fluoride in the Lerma-Chapala aquifer and in underground water doubled in the last 14 years (Spanish).

Everybody ignored peak hour. Zero offers were made for peak hour in the Wholesale Electricity Market (MEM) because the price was thought too low:  8,000 to 10,000 pesos per MW/h for the next 20 years (Spanish). Companies must offer some power for peak nighttime hours, a challenge for solar plants that are 56% of MEM winners.


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