Renewables & Electricity. Impala Solar will enjoy Puebla's sun; Minera Media Luna plans distribution lines; and AMLO will fight climate change by renovating 14 hydroelectric plants.

Natural Gas Mid-Downstream & LNG. US natural gas exports to Mexico keep surprising; and Mexico's natural gas market may learn from US experience.

Liquid Fuels Mid-Downstream. AMLO's new hydrocarbons law duplicates laws; Pemex expects gasoline sales to remain low; and the Senate okayed the hydrocarbons law.

Oil & Gas Upstream. AMLO plans to limit oil production to fight climate change; and Mexico's proven reserves fell and may need help maintaining production.

Government & NGO. The IMF expects Mexico to recover by 2023; Citibanamex expects a 4.7% economic recovery; and Mexico is close to the 10 biggest worldwide exporters.


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