Renewables & Electricity. The Cenace's new rules were definitively suspended; the AMDEE asked for more transmission infrastructure; and the CCE accused CRE of setting the industry back with its transmission tariff decision.

Natural Gas Mid-Downstream & LNG. Mexico opened up and so did pipeline natural gas imports; Mexico's role as a key export market for natural gas will continue; and tropical storm Cristobal closed Mexico's ports.

Liquid Fuels Mid-Downstream. Libre Abordo will no longer swap oil for food in Venezuela.

Oil & Gas Upstream. Mexico's oil production fell 1.2%; private exploration and production progressed in Mexican waters; and the CRE and the Sener will remain under lockdown.

Government & NGO. The Finance Ministry expects a slow but steady recovery; the final USMCA rules were agreed; and rating agencies discussed when Mexico will lose its grade.


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