Pemex's health care costs are unhealthy for its budget. For 2015, Congress approved health coverage spending of 41,591 pesos for each of the state-owned company’s 287,304 workers, while social security allocated 17,844 pesos per worker (Spanish). In 2016, the amount of Pemex health payments will increase to 49,285 pesos per worker.


…and some workers enjoy double pension payments. According to the Superior Federal Auditor (ASF), 68,388 former employees the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), the Security and Social Services of the State Workers (ISSTE), and a minority from Pemex are receiving two pensions: one from their ex employers and another from the Senior Citizens Pension, a social program (Spanish).


Pemex got a bad rental deal. The director of the state-owned company appeared before Congress to explain contracts of his predecessor totaling  MXN4.8bn in overpriced rented trucks and MXN2.4bn for three planes and a helicopter (Spanish) (Spanish) (English). Under the former director, the number of highly paid senior management positions tripled (Spanish).


Follow up: radioactive material found after all. The container holding Iridium 192 stolen in central Mexico was found in the state of Mexico, according to the Civil Protection service (English). The container holding the radioactive material was still sealed, so no risk was ever posed to human health (Spanish).


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