Renewables & Electricity. AMLO will change how hydroelectric is managed in December; the Supreme Court backed Tamaulipas' clean energies; and private companies launched a platform to boost renewables.

Natural Gas Mid-Downstream & LNG. Sistrangas plans to connect the South and Southeast; Sempra will go ahead with its LNG plant; and politics is hitting the natural gas market.

Liquid Fuels Mid-Downstream. Gas station owners are fighting NOM 005; and Jalisco was advised to use ethanol.

Oil & Gas Upstream. Oil majors are after Mexico's deepwater sector; Hokchi Energy broke ground in Mexico's shallow waters; and hurricanes hit oil production in the Gulf of Mexico.

Government & NGO. AMLO announced a new labor justice system to follow USMCA; Banxico hit the brakes on cuts; and IMEF forecasts a 9% GDP contraction.


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